Examples of Building Life consultancies

If you wish to understand or improve the performance of a new building or building component, evaluate the under-performance of an old building, or design a new construction product you need to talk to Building Life Consultancy. By way of example, we have analysed the thermal bridge heat loss of Dublin City Council's flats, explained hygrothermal performance and evaluation to the people of Scotland (an Historic Scotland commission to be published in 2013), given guidance on insulating Prague's churches and London's villas, supported the design of a new insulated steel door, evaluated the mould or damp of numerous homes, and supported architects wishing to build to Passive House standard.

Building Life Consultancy is the leading user and trainer of the WUFI family of software tools in Ireland and the UK. In 2014 Dublin City Council will publish a book on energy efficient retrofit of traditional Dublin dwellings crearted by a consortium we have led. In 2010 we became the official Irish co-operation partner of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics that cxreated the WUFI suite of software. We were the first to teach thermal bridge evaluation in Ireland and to teach low energy retrofit design to architects in the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. The five 'Breaking the Mould' series of articles (starting in 2009) was a wake up call to many in the construction industry about the complexities of heavily insulating traditional buildings, a heretofore disregaded issue.