WUFI training near Leeds, April 2012

The Green Building Store will host the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics and Building Life Consultancy in providing training in WUFI at their facility near Leeds.

WUFI is the world leading simulation software for understanding the risk of interstitial condensation, mould, rot and freeze-thaw in buildings – simply put its ‘hygrothermal’ simulation.The Fraunhofer Institute invented the software after hugely contributing to the world’s understanding of building physics since World War II. Shortly after the European standard for numerical simulation (EN 15026) was created in 2007 the Fraunhofer were able to validate WUFI Pro. There are now thousands of users around the world and growing fast. Join the growing ranks of WUFI simulators!

Click here for those interested in training in hygrothermal simulation: http://www.buildinglifeconsultancy.com/training/.

The one-dimensional WUFI Pro will be taught on 19-20 April and the two-dimensional WUFI 2D will be taught on 23-24 April.


Monday, March 26, 2012

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